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Dubai is fast becoming the most preferred city for startups and expansion of companies. Dubai is a popular tourist destination. People from all over the world visit the city to experience luxury and grandeur. Apart from tourists, many people visit the city for business and corporate-related activities. Dubai provides the best amenities and business opportunities for foreign investors. The city offers global connectivity and has business-friendly commercial laws. The cost of setting up a business in Dubai is not very high. With the right planning, one can set up a successful business in Dubai.  

For starters, if anyone is looking at setting up a business in the UAE, it is necessary to know the cost of setting up a business in the UAE. Some of the common questions regarding setting up a business in Dubai are answered below:  


Where to Set up a Business in Dubai?  


In the mainland, the best suitable locations for setting up a business in Dubai are Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Deira, Al Qusais and Al Quoz.  

Al Qusais is situated close to the airport and Sharjah, and has many affordable apartments. The place also has an industrial zone. For setting up a business related to logistics, Al Qusais is a great location.

The starting business set-up cost in Sharjah is AED 25,000.  

The mainland company setup in Dubai costs AED 23,000.  

Setting up a business in a freezone has its advantages as well as restrictions. Some of the popular freezones for business in Dubai are Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Media City, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai International Financial Centre and Dubai Healthcare City. In Dubai, freezone business setup costs start at AED 50,000.  


How to Estimate the Cost for Setting up a Business in the UAE?  


The cost for setting up a business in UAE/ Dubai depends on various aspects. It depends on the type of business, the jurisdiction, the approvals and licenses involved to get the business started. It also varies for freezones, mainland and offshore areas.  


How Much Does a Dubai Freezone Company Setup Cost?  


Dubai is synonymous with luxury and royalty. But not many know that Dubai is affordable as well. There are many ways to set up low-cost businesses in Dubai.  

UAE has more than 30 low-cost freezones where one can establish their business. Each zone has its laws and one needs to choose the zone based on the nature of the business and requirements. Dubai Silicon Oasis is the cheapest freezone with trade licenses starting at just AED 12,000.  

The cost of setting up a general trading company in Dubai starts at AED 15,000 and may go up to AED 50,000 depending on the jurisdiction and license.  


How Much Does the Ajman Free Zone Company Setup Cost?  


Ajman is an ideal location for people trying to set up a business in the UAE. The location and accessibility make it best for import and export businesses. It is located at a distance of just 40 minutes from Dubai and has great business opportunities.  

In Ajman, a business set-up can cost one an average of AED 16,000 and increases based on the type, scale and location of the business.  

In Ajman, business set-up costs are relatively affordable and also serves as a great location for business.  


What is the Cost of Setting up a Real Estate Business in the UAE?   


The cost of establishing a real estate firm in the UAE starts at AED 21,000 and the prices can go up depending on the government fees and other activities.  

If one doesn’t have a huge amount to invest, there are many options for a cheap business setup in Dubai. The prices start as low as AED 15,000.  

In UAE, freezone company setup costs start at AED 14,000. The freezones have a plethora of options for entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the UAE. 


What is the Cheapest Freezone in the UAE?  


Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE offers the cheapest freezone trade licenses. The location of RAK is favourable to business due to its proximity to the Seaport and International Airport.  For aspiring entrepreneurs, RAK is a great place to start their business from.  

RAK freezone business setup cost starts at AED 11,000. One can start their dream company on a small budget. In the RAK freezone, setup costs are one of the lowest in the UAE making it a popular choice among new entrepreneurs and businessmen.  


Overall, the UAE has abundant opportunities for foreign investors and entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to the next level by expanding in the Middle East.  

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