Where to begin? There are more than twenty free zones in Dubai. You must carefully pick the correct free zone for your establishment to be successful.


Ontime Business Setup has established companies and start-ups in over 50 free zones across the United Arab Emirates. Several factors come into play when choosing the right free zone for your business’ distinctive needs. Some of them may include locality, budget, style, the number of employees, workspace, the ability to audit and bookkeep, and a certain amount of equity in the company.

This is where OnTime enters the picture — our highly trained team will guide you through the entire process, steering you in the right direction at every step, ensuring a stress-free and cost-efficient experience that sets up the business of your dreams.

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Meydan Dubai Freezone

The Meydan Free Zone is strategically located inside The Meydan Hotel, facing the iconic Meydan Racecourse that hosts Dubai World Cup and The Track. Mere fifteen minutes away from Dubai International Airport, and easily accessible from all parts of the city, Meydan Free Zone is an excellent choice for business owners considering locations that foster professional and creative connections.

Meydan Free Zone is offering over 1500 business activities to pick and choose from, so start your business with them today!

IFZA Dubai Freezone

International Freezone Authority (IFZA)

International Freezone Authority is one the most popular free zones in Dubai. It is the only free zone in the UAE operating a business-to-business (B2B) focused model. IFZA is attractive for investors and company owners due to its strategic location and proximity to the Dubai International Airport. The free zone has various benefits and packages that make businesses partial to it, including the lifetime visa option, and the fact that it remains one of the most economical business set-up spots in Dubai.

DMCC Dubai Freezone

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Also credited for being the world’s number 1 free zone.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is located at the heart of Dubai, housing an extensive catalogue of retail, entertainment and commerce businesses. It is also one of the only two free zones operating in the UAE that permit Crypto trades. With the single most number of company formations for any free zone, DMCC is sure to be the best home for your business!

DAFZA Freezone

Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA)

Are you interested in setting up a logistics or transport company? Dubai Airport Free Zone is the place for you! The free zone has various entities that revolve around transport related logistics, such as speedy customs clearances and superior cargo holding facilities. DAFZA is hence the ideal location for setting up a business that relies on import or export of goods.

DMCA Dubai Freezone

Dubai Maritime City (DMCA)

The only maritime-centric free zone in the whole of UAE, Dubai Maritime City Free Zone was established to encourage local maritime businesses. Dubai’s government wishes to uplift and support DMCA until it reaches the city’s goal of being the best maritime capital in the world. The presence of unlimited assistance makes DMCA a viable and favored option for marine-related businesses.

DSC Dubai Freezone

Dubai Studio City (DSC)

Is cinematography your passion? Look no further! Dubai Studio City is a free zone dedicated to the establishment of media-centric companies. The free zone was developed with the intention of boosting UAE’s film industry, and has since been the home to various international and local media businesses and production companies.

Dubai Auto Zone

Dubai Cars and Automotive City (DUCAMZ)

Does a shiny new car get your heart in a flutter? The Dubai Cars and Automative City is just minutes away. Initially established to re-export high-end second-hand cars from the UAE to African and Asian markets, the free zone is a hub for automobile industries to thrive and network, and has single-handedly expanded the automobile economy in the country.

Dubai Outsource City (DOC)

Are you tech-savvy and want to set up your software / IT company? Dubai Outsource City is the place for you. Established by TECOM, it is a tech-focused free zone dedicated to uplifting technological and digital companies. The businesses located here include data-mining centers, call centers, digital security companies, and much more!


Is there a particular reason why launching a business in a free zone is advantageous?

Retain Control

Free zones in the United Arab Emirates allow international investors to run their companies without the need of a local partner.

Licensing Agreement for a Business

Prior authorization from certain agencies is required for several company categories. You can contact us for a free consultation! You will be guided by our specialists to determine the essential measures to begin your business.

Financial Incentives

In addition to 0% corporate and income tax, as well as the absence of customs charges on imports and exports, the UAE free zones provide added financial advantages such as the ability to repatriate 100% of company profits.


Free zone enterprises may also benefit from the fact that a large number of free zones in the United Arab Emirates are sector-specific. Because of this, entrepreneurs have a quick and easy access to a wealth of information from other experts in the sector.

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